Member Resources

Compliance Updates with In-Depth Analysis

"SPBA is the single place where I get the most credible compliance updates. That's super critical in my role...participating with them gives you direct access to some agencies and departments and having that resource is invaluable."

Stacey Minton Vice President of Account Management

Members-Only Website

To preserve the value of membership, SPBA offers a separate, members-only website that is filled with the latest news and historical depth on issues TPAs need to navigate in the current environment. Members tell us that having access to all of this information at their fingertips keeps them up-to-date and significantly lightens the burden of managing compliance. The website includes a full library of articles, recorded webinars, materials and official source documents on all major topics that affect the self-funded industry. In organizing for easy use, it covers broad topics like health reform and breaks down the finer details – issues like Employer Shared Responsibility, ACA Employer/Plan Reporting, Wellness, and many, many more.  

What kinds of resources will you find? Take a look at a sampling:

  • SPBA explanatory articles
  • Recorded webinars
  • Original source documents
  • Compliance templates
  • Email alerts on breaking developments
  • Issue-specific manuals on topics like Pay or Play

Member Correspondence

Along with all of the content on the website, the SPBA team distributes timely communications as new developments emerge and it also keeps members connected in several ways. These include:

  • Monthly SPBA UPDATE Newsletter - A full recap of news and regulatory happenings for the month
  • SPBA Email Alerts - Headlines covering everything from proposed regulations to final rulings and what’s coming down the pipe
  • SPBA Meetings - SPBA hosts a regulatory-focused conference in the spring and an educational one in the fall
  • SPBA Webinars - Expert information from consultants, lawyers and industry professionals on all topics related to TPAs
  • SPBA Member Directory - Provides a full directory of TPA members with 30+ characteristics of firms
  • SPBA State Licensing Guide - Includes individual state licensing statutes for quick reference