How We Help TPAs

The Most Informed & Prepared TPAs

The SPBA estimates that 55% of U.S. workers and their dependents in non-federal health coverage are in plans administered by TPAs. The clients of TPA firms include virtually every size and format of employment. These range from small- and large-sized firms to state, county and city, as well as union, non-union and collectively bargained multiemployer plans.

At SPBA, we aim to keep TPAs in the know and ahead of the curve. Our members continue to say that we save them valuable time and resources by alleviating the often-complex regulatory burden. This is done through:

  • Providing timely regulatory insights and updates
  • Sharing compliance how-to ideas
  • The direct, candid connection SPBA maintains with regulators, including policy and decision makers
  • SPBA acting as an advocate for TPAs and a trusted source/sounding board for agency officials
  • Being a constant source of real-world knowledge for TPAs and representing employer companies of nearly all sizes and specialties
  • Educating members to be the best-informed in the industry