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Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) is dedicated to helping members reach their full potential by providing information and insights related to existing and proposed legislation, regulations and guidance affecting employee benefit plan administration.


Vision Statement

The Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) is an organization committed to:

  • Promoting the interests of professional administrators by broadening and improving public understanding and acceptance of their role in the efficient and effective operation of employee benefit plans.
  • Acquiring, preserving and disseminating pertinent data and examples of real-world experience relative to employee benefit programs and their administration.
  • Studying proposed legislation, regulations and interpretations affecting employee benefit plans so we can inform and educate our members regarding the impact of such developments.
  • Obtaining feedback from members regarding the real-word impact of proposed legislation and regulations affecting employee benefits and their administration.
  • Representing the views expressed by our members regarding topics of direct interest to employee benefit plans and to the Society, to make proposals which are communicated to the federal government.
  • Encouraging the practice of high standards of performance and professional conduct among professional administrators serving employee benefit plans.