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SPBA is the national association of Third Party Administration (TPA) firms who provide comprehensive ongoing administrative services to client employee benefit plans. SPBA also has a Stop-Loss Service Partner category for carriers, MGUs, and re-insurers of self-funded health plans.     (read more)

About SPBA & Industry Trends

SPBA Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
The SPBA Board of Directors ("the Board") is committed to maintaining a fair and respectful organization and culture.

About TPAs

What Happens When an Employer Makes the Switch to Self-Funding
The list below was requested by a magazine to help employers to prepare them for what to expect when starting the process of shifting to a self-funded health plan with a TPA. Every situation is personalized, but these are main points to expect.

Industry Forecasts & Trends

Health Reform Trends & Impacts

ACA: Accidental Birth Explains the Law's Illogic Today
Both supporters & opponents (and regulators who must implement the law) are driving themselves crazy trying to find logic and make sense of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. PPACA, ACA, & Obamacare).  Relax…it was an accident.  The current text was never intended to be passed into law.

ERISA & Fiduciary

Self-Funding: Myths vs. Facts
Self-Funding: Myths vs. Facts  


A Wishful Thinking MEWA Mindset
Some observations from SPBA President Fred HuntImportant preface & background: Let me say that I and many people recognize that careful well-run self-funded Multiple Employer Welfare Benefit Plans (MEWAs) would help the country greatly in providing cost-effective health coverage for businesses and minimizing the number of uninsur

Advice on Issues

Self-Funding: Why Use Self-Funding?
Why use self-funding?


Old Deficit Law Triggers Modern Stop-Loss Misunderstanding
This is a sample of "big picture" perspective pieces constantly prepared for SPBA members.  There are alo detailed technical analysis of issues with insider insights for compliance.(Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.  Or, in this case, to create more problems.)

State Licensing

State Requirements for Third Party Administrators
Please fill out this questionnaire and click Submit to send it. Or print out the attached questionnaire, fill out and fax it to:  301-718-9440.   Or print out the attched questionnaire, fill out, scan and email to:  Elizabeth@spbatpa.org