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SPBA Member Benefits

SPBA is a special community offering an ongoing exchange of business strategies, government compliance insights, as well as political and industry trends impacting employee benefits. By focusing on the real-world impact of government rules, SPBA has become a leading voice for employee benefits and a major behind-the- scenes sounding board for government policymakers.

SPBA Dues Are Your Most Profitable Business Investment

Government Compliance Education

Members receive in-depth explanations, as well as summaries and highlights on regulatory and legislative developments from the TPA, employer and plan perspective. This triple focus gives your firm a deeper understanding and better positions you to make strategic decisions. SPBA engages in extensive outreach to agency officials who actually write the implementing regulations to bring you reliable insights as issues are evolving. SPBA helps TPAs navigate a complex and ever-changing employee benefit environment at a tiny fraction of what it would cost to hire this expertise.

SPBA’s information is delivered through numerous channels.

  • SPBA UPDATE is delivered online in two formats to accommodate mobile devices and print.
  • SPBA Email Alerts bring you the latest emerging developments.
  • SPBA Meetings are invaluable for staying informed and interacting directly with the regulation writers.
  • SPBA Webinars allow your staff to benefit from knowledge experts without travel costs.

Educate Policymakers on Your Behalf

SPBA has unique credibility with government policy-shapers because we have the largest and broadest perspective on employee benefits. Over half of all US workers’ benefit plans are administered by TPAs. SPBA is on the forefront of identifying, tracking and shaping new regulations and interpretations. Well known as a non-partisan think tank, SPBA is often contacted by Federal agency officials to provide real world perspective on policy ideas and regulatory implementation.

Some of the many health care reform issues SPBA is shaping:

  • Reporting on W-2 Health Care Value
  • Taxing Benefits Legislation
  • Premium Assistance Tax Credits
  • Claims and Appeals/ External Review
  • Waivers for Limited Benefit Plans
  • Hospital Pricing Transparency
  • New Fees on Group Health Plans
  • Uniform Benefits Summary
  • Essential Health Benefits Definition
  • State Exchanges

Insider Political Perspective

State-of-the-art political trend insights allow members to be known as an informed resource for their clients, brokers and public opinion.

TPA Industry Developments

The TPA industry and Stop-Loss are in constant evolution and growth. SPBA highlights emerging types of services, clients and profit centers to ensure members are ahead of the curve. SPBA helps members understand the current environment, the history and the future direction of the marketplace.

Promote the Value of Third Party Administration

Members receive articles and model letters explaining why clients and prospective clients should use a TPA. SPBA offers tips and suggestions on how to market new services to clients.

TPA Nexus

Member-to-member sharing is a hallmark of the SPBA community. SPBA members administer benefit plans from every size and type of employment, as well as every industry and profession, including: large corporations, small business, union, state and local government, religious groups, and association-sponsored plans. Through SPBA, TPAs compare experiences and get the advantage of practical insights from thousands of plans that are facing similar problems. Members report that the insights of others have saved their TPA clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

TPA Licensing Statutes

Every year SPBA surveys the State Departments of Insurance to provide members the latest information regarding their licensing obligations. The results are compiled into an online booklet that can be downloaded. The cost to duplicate this work would far exceed your membership dues, regardless of size category.

Court Cases

SPBA reviews and explains relevant court cases impacting TPAs and their benefit plans.



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