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2024 SPBA Survey of State Licensing Statutes

2024 SPBA Third Party Administrator State Licensing Statutes

The Society of Professional Benefit Administrators provides a comprehensive up-to-the-minute compilation of State Third Party Administrator regulations.  The 119-page document provides a comprehensive, accurate and authoritative information look at licensing and reporting requirements for all States and U.S. Territories.

SPBA surveys State Departments of Insurance to provide you the latest information on what third party administration firms need to know to stay in compliance with state regulatory requirements. Some of the information in this publication includes:

•    State citations
•    State contacts
•    Detailed information on bonds, fees, utilization review
•    Preemption details

The 2024 SPBA Third Party Administrator State Licensing Statutes puts at your fingertips, the information you need to check compliance needs for the individual State Departments of Insurance and who to contact to get the latest information pertaining to our specific licensing questions.  This information was gathered through a comprehensive survey of each state and is updated annually.  If there is a question about the information or license requirement, please refer to the contact listed for each state.  

A copy of the SPBA TPA State Licensing Statutes is included with SPBA membership. For additional information or to order the publication, contact SPBA at 301-718-7722 or email Cost is $3,000.00.

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