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Dan Roslokken Leads Association for Third Party Benefit Administrators as Chairman


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Dan Roslokken Leads Association for Third Party Benefit Administrators as Chairman

(Chevy Chase, MD) – The Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) is pleased to announce that Dan Roslokken will serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for a one-year term. Mr. Roslokken currently serves as CEO and General Counsel at Insurance Design Administrators and has been an active member of SPBA for over 26 years. SPBA represents Third Party Administration (TPA) firms from across the United States that manage client employee benefit plans.

Mr. Roslokken brings a unique set of knowledge, insight, and hands-on experience to the Chairman leadership role. 

Chairman Dan Roslokken's message:

"By Which We Navigate.

It Is Not Easy. Voices from within our own offices. Brokers. Clients. Vendors. Consultants. All pulling for our attention with urgency. Never was this way. Our new normal.

NSA. TiC. MRF. Times like these stretch and challenge all of us. Seek to redefine us. Waves crashing and currents at cross purposes.

Navigating. Literally and metaphorically. To what shall we set our course? To what voice are we to listen? When upon the seas and in the blackness of night, it is the North Star. A constant. In every sea. In every ocean.

And from day zero for me, some 26 years ago, my North Star has been the SPBA. Its solid guidance has never failed. An entirely special grouping of professionals I have found nowhere else. Its members, an honest and serious muscle of our industry. 

And so we sail, embarking on seas we know, equal in absolutely every challenge to these new currents. We are emboldened by the knowledge we bring greater value to every health plan we touch. And more should know it.

And that is our North Star. This is not just our vocation, this is our calling. This is the SPBA.

I am honored to be your Chairman and look toward what we can achieve in this next year." 

“We are excited to have Dan Roslokken serve as the Chairman of the SPBA Board of Directors,” said Anne Lennan, SPBA President.  “His breadth of experience in the industry will be a great asset to our organization.”

Since 1975, SPBA has been the premier resource for TPAs, as well as for Service Partners and Stop-Loss Partners to learn about the key regulatory and legislative issues that impact their businesses. It is a critical forum to engage in dialogue with key opinion leaders about these issues, and a sounding board for those who write and enact employee benefit policies. SPBA’s team works to share breaking news, analysis, and critical information that its members need to guide their clients, brokers, and other partners.

SPBA’s Board includes nine Directors representing TPA member firms, and an emerging professional member representative. 

Insurance Design Administrators ("IDA") is a fully licensed Third Party Administrator that provides consulting to full administration services to private and government employers, unions, consortiums, HIFs, brokers, providers and patientsIDA has over 20,000 employee lives under active management, having processed over $100M in payments last year. IDA manages over $15M in reinsurance premium across multiple carriers and MGUs, securing the best terms for plans. With lives in 40 states, IDA’s reach is both local and national.  Matching the best network to plans and their priorities, in-network participation is excellent.  Out of network negotiation is energetic. Combined, IDA's clients routinely achieve savings in the 55% to 68% window from initial billed charges.